Today was one of my favorite days in Denver. I woke up at 8, rushed to work, and had meetings with various people in my department and surrounding it. It was so. Fabulous. It’s so gratifying and beautiful to meet with people who share values, who laugh, who you know love the same things and will take care of you when you have rough days, or hung over days, or days when you show up late to something super important. I feel like I have that.

I had a meeting for my 30/60/90 day goals with my direct manager. The fact that this happened at all is already outstanding, but the fact that she hosted it, that she genuinely was excited about it, that it was scheduled in Outlook… this is such a change, something I love, something I’ve been craving and needed.

Came home to have dinner with a friend from California – a super nice completely organic, ethically raised all around restaurant. I laughed a lot. I looked at pictures of quokkas (seriously look this up), and took my first Lyft alone to get there.

Came home, snuggled up to roommate who will now be dubbed RR while she colored coasters (no joke) and compared our “Latin Lover” notes while she drank wine in her beautifully decorated and freshly cleaned bedroom, Blue at our feet. I’m coloring because life is beautiful, and these coasters are beautiful, and I’m going to steal the lamination at school, and they’re all going to be unique just like Blue and Butters. 

So this is my life, and I love it.

Wait! You forgot about my theraputic coloring!

…and now I’m off to explore Denver’s finest aka worst bro country downtown bars. Wish me luck. 😉


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